PM made wise choice to pick Abal

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The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 NO one thought Sam Abal would be Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare’s choice.

All attention was focused on the then deputy PM Don Polye and his son, Arthur Somare. 

Abal’s appointment as deputy in the eleventh hour surprised many.

This gives me the opportunity to make some recollections of how Abal was made a leader and his rise to the top post.

After winning the Wabag Open seat in 2002, he was ousted by the Court of Disputed Returns. 

Abal accepted the decision and won the by-election convincingly after a hard-fought battle with the petitioner Daniel Don Kapi. 

Sir Michael then appointed Abal as inter-governmental relations minister. 

After the 2007 election, he was appointed as foreign affairs, trade and immigration minister, which he performed diligently and competently until his recent elevation as deputy PM and acting PM. 

Yes, credit must go to where it due and, in this case, Sir Michael deserved to be commended for plucking out an able man.

It is irresponsible for people to say that because Abal is a son of a former politician, he has the right to be the acting PM. 

If that was the case, then Arthur should have been the acting PM. 

Biblically speaking, many are called but one is chosen. 

It is now becoming apparent that the God-fearing Abal was called and the PM had chosen him.



Justin Minawaley

Via email