PM: More funds for Sweep team

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The National, Thursday 08th December 2011

THE government will provide more funding to its Task Force Sweep team investigating corruption in the public service.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said at Kiripia in Western Highlands the government was allocating extra funding to weed out corruption.
He said PNG had been facing a lot of problems because of bad leadership and poor management.
O’Neill said the people were suffering because their leaders were not performing their duties in an honest way and
even stealing from those they were supposed to serve.
He said what belonged to the people must be given back to them.
“The majority of the population live in the villages and districts
and they are waiting to experience changes and receive basic government services,” O’ Neill said.
People’s funds and resource are being used up in Port Moresby while nothing is taken back to the electorate, he said. 
 O’Neill said dishonest and corrupt leaders should go to jail and public funds should be returned to the people.
“I’m sick and tired of seeing leaders enjoying luxuries while their very own people who voted them into parliament are suffering in the villages,” O’Neill said.
He said this was not right because the little people were suffering while leaders were enjoying themselves.
The value of the kina has improved but people were not seeing any changes in their lives.
He said it showed that leaders were stealing and abusing public funds and resources.