PM must clean up his own yard

Letters, Normal

WHY is the Prime Minister taking such a long time to reshuffle his Cabinet?
Or is it just another political gimmick the NA is pulling?
These are some of the questions raised by many Papua New Guineans.
I have never heard of a PNG Prime Minister publicly talking about removing his ministers who are not performing and then doing nothing about it.
Where are the transparency and accountability he keeps on harping?
There is a big fight and lots of bickering in his National Alliance party and the PM should put his foot down and clean up his messy backyard first.
There is also confusion in the NA over the expulsion of a senior minister and his affiliation to the party although he still remains as a party member and holding on to a ministerial portfolio.
What is going on?
The people of PNG have the right to know how their resources and money are being used by the so-called bureaucrats.
If they cannot perform to the people’s expectations, then they should resign or be removed.
This is the standard practice the world over.
PNG is rich with natural resources yet we are so poor in terms of development.
Just look at the appalling state of the Highlands Highway and the breakdown of law and order.
I call on the PM to clean up his Cabinet before proclaiming his Government is free of corruption.
We have seen several first term MPs who are outperforming the recycled MPs.
This shows anyone is capable of being a good MP as long as he or she does not succumb to temptations and walks around with a swollen head.


Abraham Zana Riyong