PM must review PMC decision

Letters, Normal

THE prime minister has made a decision to scrap the building of the Pacific Medical Centre.
I am sad that the prophets of doom have somehow convinced our PM.
This decision brings me back to the time when Sir Michael Somare shelved the idea of constructing the Poreporena freeway.
It became a reality when Sir Julius Chan became the PM.
If it is money the PM is worried, what about the LNG projects and mineral boom we are enjoying?
Aren’t we using the money from these resources to build the PMC?
If we do not use the money for a good purpose like the PMC, the money will eventually be squandered or diverted elsewhere in no time instead of its true purpose.
Haven’t we seen enough of such diversions amid claims of corruption?
If it is the rural sector the PM is worried about, what about us, ordinary Papua New Guinean employed as public servants as well as those in the private sector who will be using it?
We are taxpayers who front up at our hospitals everyday for treatment.
When there is no specialist services, the doctor pronounce us dead on the spot because the cost of getting overseas treatment is very high.
Sir Michael can drastically cut down such costs by having the PMC built.

Port Moresby