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PRIME Minister James Marape says there are no provisions in Papua New Guinea’s Constitution that allows for one part of the country to break away and form its own country, including Bougainville.
“The word ‘Independence’ was used as a referendum choice,” he said.
“It does not mean the Government has automatically agreed to that move.
“A political settlement can only happen for Bougainville when all parliamentary processes have been complied with, including a wide national consultation and Constitutional amendments reflecting the result of that consultation.”
Marape said 2027 was the proposed date by the Autonomous Bougainville Government for its Independence.
“The Government has tentatively accepted the date but at no point did we agree to Independence,” he clarified in a statement on Wednesday.
“Sensitivity in disseminating information to the public is paramount as ‘Bougainville Independence’ not only meant changes to Bouganville’s political autonomy but also huge changes that will affect PNG’s Constitution, with major implications on its people into the future.”
Marape clarified that the process of getting the results of the 2019 referendum “ratified” by Parliament, which involved a long complex of work that included at its core, a national consultation and major amendments to the Constitution, depending on the outcome of that consultation.
He said while it was important to pay heed to the plight of Bougainville, “it is equally important to also pay attention to the implications secession will mean to the rest of the country”.
“This is no small matter,” he said.
“It involves the sovereignty of PNG.
“It involves a change to our borders.”


  • This is very true but why did PNG government did not consider all these things and just give a quick response to the Bougainvilleans at the first place and now they(PNG) government understood the likely consequences that are coming for their unwise decision, this means that PNG government are not critical in their decision making and this is very sad for us to the Papua New Guineans

  • Saying no to Bougainville’s independence will trigger another Bougainville crisis. Mark my word.

  • No constitution in the world has any clause for breakaways. They simply accommodate this in their constitutions later, normally after breakaway conflicts or requests and then give the go ahead for a certain section within to become independent. So Marape, you don’t have to comb the PNG constitution for a clause that allows for this. You just need to make provisions for this in the constitution now and let Bougainville attain its independence. For the record, Bougainville has been fighting for independence since the 1960s. Ino nau tasol. The people’s desire were once again reflected in the recently conducted referendum.

  • Let the people of Bouganville go. They have suffeted enough and many have lost their life during the Bouganville crisis. So the GoPNG must honor the wish of the people of Bouganville and grant them their wish which is indrorndence. Then the GoPNG needs to seriously look at the vagrancy act and stop the influx of people from other provinces into major cities like Lae and Port Moresby who are buiding squatter settlements , encroaching on traditional land, imposing the cultural behaviours and attitudes and dominating local cultures and do something about it, othwerwise there eill be more issuse atiding with respect to provinces seeking grater autonomy.

  • The National Government approving independence for North Solomon will be a big mistake and our politicians must be mind full in what ever decision they make. we want united Papua New Guinean divided we fall united we stand to achieve developments our future destination. I appeal to our politician if you allow North Solomon to go then the next one is East and West New Britain, we require wise decision from our representative.

  • Over to opposition. What would be your opinion .can AROB be granted independence.

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