PM opens centre at uni


PRIME Minister James Marape officially opened the centre of excellence building at the Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU) on Friday.
Among the guests were Chancellor of IBSU Gabriel Pepson, Vice–Chancellor Dr Ramachandran Arunchalam and founder Sir Mick Nades.
Marape congratulated Sir Mick on his achievement of running the university and encouraged students to be dedicated to their studies.
“I want to compliment the drive that Sir Mick Nades has cultivated for IBSU in order to transform it into a university in PNG,” he said.
“There is a need for more higher education schools in PNG because there are more high schools and not enough universities, and IBSU is to be thanked for providing that additional space.”
Marape said that IBSU students were eligible for the government’s higher education loan programme (Help).
He said they could take out loans of K10,000 which would be paid back once the student was employed.
“This is not free money,” he said.
“This is the Government’s money to help you in your education and ease the burden on your parents.
“This is to remove the lazy men’s mentality of everything being free and so will cultivate a hard worker’s mindset in students.”
Marape also encouraged students to study hard in order to be able to acquire a globally recognised education.
“Students must get educated not to be employed but get educated to create employment and become representatives of PNG,” he said.
“So once you get jobs overseas with your degrees and diplomas, this will confirm that the paper you have is world standard.”

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