PM presents dept report in parliament

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The National, Thursday 28th March 2013

 TRUE to his word, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill presented his department’s 2011 annual report in parliament yesterday.

He was followed by acting Education Minister James Marape who tabled the Teaching Service Commission report for 2009 to 2011.

The chief secretary’s office indicated yesterday that the 2012 report of the department of the prime minister and NEC could be tabled soon.

According to its 2012 report, much had been achieved in a short period when O’Neill first became the Prime Minister in August 2011 compared with the first half of that year despite the political impasse and challenges faced by the new government. 

O’Neill said the department had done “extremely well in facing up to the challenges of the political impasse and notwithstanding the difficult period, continued to play a pivotal role in ensuring the functioning of the public service for the benefit of the people”.

He said the department’s support for him and his official delegation at major international forums and national events, such as the United Nations General Assembly, Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit and the Pacific Island Forum were great achievements that paved the way for confidence and political stability that the country enjoyed today.

O’Neill said the department successfully conducted 62 NEC meetings and 12 central agency coordination committee meetings. Of the cabinet meetings, 25 were held during the Somare-Abal regime and 37 during O’Neill-Namah regime.

A total of 116 decisions were made during the Somare-Abal regime and 173 decisions during the later regime, bringing to a total of 289 decisions.

Of the total NEC decisions, a total of 210 policy papers, 153 statutory papers and 18 informal submissions were decided.

O’Neill said the department also underwent a new organisational and management restructure that would support the prime minister in all policy initiatives and operations, including the offices under the PM’s ministerial determination, including the offices of Vision 2050, administrative services and the So­vereign Wealth Fund.

He said the successful implementation of key government objectives in 2011 depended on the advice and support the department provided to the cabinet and the prime minister by the respective officers and divisions.

The prime minister said he was satisfied with the report as it truly reflected the performances of the department during the political impasse.