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PRIME Minister James Marape says the Government will respond to the case filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday by Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill, challenging the legality of Tuesday’s Parliament sitting.
“We will end up in court and defend Parliament’s position (of the Speaker recalling Parliament on Tuesday after it was adjourned last Friday to Dec 1),” he said.
“Parliament and the Speaker are now in the process of (defending) their positions. This thing will go back and forth.
“But the Government is in place.”
A group of MPs on the Government side including 12 Cabinet Ministers joined the Opposition last Friday and moved that Parliament be adjourned to Dec 1.
But Speaker Job Pomat recalled Parliament on Tuesday where 52 MPs on the Government side passed the 2021 budget and adjourned Parliament to April next year.
It is now the subject of the court case filed by O’Neill on Wednesday.
Marape reminded those who have joined the Opposition that they could move a motion of no confidence against him when Parliament resumes in April next year.
“If they feel that they have no confidence in me and have the majority on their side, come to Parliament in April 2021 and move a motion of no confidence,” he said.
Marape said many MPs were caught by surprise on Friday when the group crossed the floor to the Opposition.
“This was done by one or two and everyone was caught in the heat of things. Before long they were in a bus going to the Crown and next day in a plane going to Vanimo.
“Right now, as I speak about 50 members remain static with me. I will not lie. Many were caught off guard.”
Marape explained that Parliament was adjourned to April next year was because they had important matters to attend to early in the year.
“I had every opportunity on Tuesday to adjourn to after July 28, 2021.
“We needed to prepare for schools in January.
“We have the important 2022 elections.
“We want to have February and March to ensure the census is run and common roll updated.”


  • Political instability has distorted the entire country’s economic and social welfare and citizens are always victimized. The country is collapsing as a result of this. Peoples’ power should rise and say enough is enough. This trend has been an legacy and must come to an end now for the better of tomorrow’s generation.

  • I suggest it’s best the parliament was adjourned to next year April, let the nation see how Marape’s going with the 2021 budget and ensure that the MPs moved across the floor of Parliament by no means mistaken.
    JM let your integrity be constant.

  • So why fear? Why Adjourn to April 2021? If you say you have the support then bring forth the sitting to December 1 and let the opposition move a VONC and prove that you have the full mandate of parliament to continue as PM.

  • Why Opp left on a chartered plan the next day.Wasn’t Port Moresby a suitable Environment for Camping due to Law & Order Issues in the City? Why Opp wasn’t did not realise PNG is a country of “Expect the Unexpected? Were they fully ascertain & versed with that of the constitutional requirements surrounding the Parlimentary Processes? Do these Opp MPs have some sense of wisdom to analyse situation?

  • Well said..I love the phrase..

    Its the ordinary citizens of this country PNG did suffered and will be suffering the most aftermath of the political tensions.. they rally fight to consume alot on a bigger plate..


  • Naturally, wisdom was not at play in its right mind frame when it came to a master plan to over throw the Marape government.
    Knowing very well parlimentary procedures and processess by the rule of laws, nature deafened them not using a minister to suspend and adjourn parliament. Not even the clerk of parliment picked up the error and correcting it.
    All that happened is linked to to the begining.

    Christians continue to pray for good governance and restoring the integrity and values for this beautiful nation.

    Memners of Parliament on both sides must of this nation. Enough of chasing the wind.

  • Bunch of confused recycled MPs moving from side to side don’t deserve to be called leaders. So called educated elites should go back and educate the illiterate masses at provinces to vote in new and visionary leaders. VONC will not make any difference but instability, chaos and mismanagement of the country, more bad than good.

  • These politicians are good at one thing and that’s to misuse good words and use lame excuses to cover up their fear, selfishness and power hungry motives and egos. In their rush, they don’t seem to care who they team up with because each of them are driven by fear, selfishness and hunger for the PM’s post. PNG needs to blood in new national leaders in 2022 who will have a passion to represent their people and nation and not their egos.

  • PMJM that was a good move. Check mate Opposition.
    Basil after enriching himself with is cohorts made the move, but it backfired in their faces.
    That was a dumb move!
    You wait till 2022 election to get back your perks and previllages, i.e, if you become a minister.

  • Why adjourning parliament for long months? You’re mandated to be in the parliament most of the time to address issues, and there are so many issues pending to be resolved. Look at the UK as an example, country in which our Queen lives. Most parliamentary sessions last for around 10 to 12 months, during which time each House sits for around 150 days – more than any other national legislature. MPs attend Parliament session with no extra allowances, because that is their job and they are already paid for that.
    When can we see genuine Government in PNG who can truly represent it’s people?

    I don’t support Opposition neither Government. I wish we could replace all current cargo cult MPs with fresh genuine MPs in 2022 Elections to put PNG back on track.

  • All the debs holder will revealed sooner than later and therefore, all debtors landslide to opposition in order to VONC against PMJM to cover their debits from previous PM, ministers and MPs across. CJ Sir Salamo I please speed up the investigation and arrest people responsible.

  • Welcome Nux to the world of politics. At least I see PMJP and his government are playing by the rules, unlike the previous government under PO. During PO, not only the politicians but also the people rise up against PO & his government. Basically what I am saying is that, people are in favor of this current government, only politicians are jumping up and down, back and forth like yoyos with few elites (in the opposition) kicking the MP like soccer balls, promising them wealth and fame. Let alone PMJP finish his term, give people time to assess his performance properly and we can decide in the coming election to remove him if we don’t like him and his policies.

  • John Napu,
    Have regard and fear the Almighty Creator. Don’t use His Name just because you favor Marape. Not one single person is righteous on the face of this planet.

  • It is very true that the people are affected by the decisions made by the leaders.
    However we must respect the governing authority of the day. (Roman’s 13:1-7)
    We are a Christian nation remember? God is in control, he raises up a leader in his own timing. Let me give a little illustration of the story of David and King Saul. Saul did many wicked things then. (1 Samuel 24:10) David should have killed Saul, but he said, how can I do this to my Lord’s anointed.
    God em putim ya orait? Time will tell! Later on David succeeded as King. To my people let us commit all our political matters to God. God bai rausim na putim next leader.

    God bless

  • The people are suffering, while the 111 Members are sleeping and dining in hotels and travelling around the country fighting for power. Just dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections and let the people, Take Back PNG from you the Members.

  • Pls enough is enough!! This opp mps are expecting what from you pm JM ??Let they don’t want to submit and accept the parliament passed by JM and his team on last Tuesday and wait for next year 2021 to challenge PM ?
    CAN YOU OPP PMs amble yourselves and respect the nation.
    The nation is favoring JM GOVERNMENT and would not like to hear you this time.
    My action Governor Sir Peter ipatas be the best to backup Huli to move forward.

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