PM reveals Govt’s plan for free education

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THE Government has plans for free education starting from the elementary to secondary schools if it has surplus in its budget, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said last Friday in Tambul, Western Highlands province.
Sir Michael said so far his Government had done well and the signs were positive that there would be a budget surplus and the likelihood of free-education in the very near future.
He also said the Government had put more money into education  and it was now planning to give free education to children.
Sir Michael said education was the foundation the country must have in place in order to prosper and the Government was doing its best to improve the standard of education.
He said if the majority  was educated, PNG could be developed.
Sir Michael said education was the key to everything and PNG needed to have many educated people.
He said many parents found it hard to send their children to school because of school fee problems.
However, Sir Michael said the Government was focusing well on education and if it could pay for everyone’s education, it would be good news for both parents and the students.
He said parents must give their children’s education top priority because if more people were better educated, then it would lead to a higher and improved living standard for the people.
Sir Michael said when his Government announced free education there should be no reason for any child to be kept back in the villages.
He said education was worth more than a gold mine, adding that minerals could ran out but education would be with the people all their life.
Sir Michael said his Government had tried to see into the future and was convinced that free education was on the horizon.