PM rewards province with Abel’s appointment


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says his appointment of Alotau MP and People’s National Congress senior member Charles Abel as deputy prime minister is a way of thanking the people of Alotau and Milne Bay for their support of the government over the years.
Alotau was the venue for Alotau Accord in 2012 and Alotau Accord II in 2017, and as well hosted government MPs during the no-confidence vote last November.
“We always remember our friends in Alotau and Milne Bay, who have been kind to us,” O’Neill said.
“Milne Bay has also given us four MPs.
“It should have been five but that’s another argument for a different day.
“I guess we’re also rewarding the support that they have given to us.”
Abel said his appointment as deputy prime minister  was an honour for the people of Alotau and Milne Bay.
“I’m so proud to have taken part once again, together with my people of Milne Bay and Alotaau, who played a large part in the formation of this PNC-led government,” he told The National.
“It’s just an absolute honour and privilege, on behalf of my people of Alotau, Milne Bay, and even the Southern region, that the prime minister has given us this privilege.”

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