PM says ICT too expensive

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INFORMATION communication technology (ICT) and multi-media education training in schools is still very limited and expensive according to Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
Sir Michael said current ICT programmes provided by private providers and higher education institutes were often not tailored to suit school teaching and learning.
“The programmes offered sometimes are not tailored to suit school teaching and learning needs as per the national curriculum set in each country,” he said.
He highlighted this during the official opening of the 8th forum education ministers meeting in Port Moresby on Tuesday that some countries in the Pacific had started developing ICT school programmes, naming Fiji and PNG school television programmes as examples.Sir Michael said although ICT was introduced in the Pacific about 30 years ago, “the region still lags behind in ICT use and development in schools”.
“There is a need to bridge the digital and technological divide amongst our people,” he said.
He said because great majority of people continued living in isolated mountains, valleys, hamlets and islands, many of them had no direct link to roads, bridges, wharves and airstrips.
“Television and radio have the powerful capacity to reach and provide education services to these people,” he said.
“We must harness these programmes in the best interest of our children.”