PM should control his cabinet ministers


ANY MP in a political party are most likely to defect at any opportune time if they can no longer tolerate political insults and abuses by the ruling party.
Such insults and abuses come in form of marginalising their interests and voices in decisions.
At the executive arm of government, there is an inner circle usually favoured by the prime minister as chairman, tends control and override major cabinet decisions to the dissatisfaction of others.
Such fallout was observed during the reign of National Alliance party in 2010 when the political support was unplugged from a kitchen cabinet.
Under the People National Congress (PNC), the then prime minister and Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill tolerated an individual cabinet minister who forced many political decisions against the interest of all founding PNC members at the cabinet, which led to the disintegration of the party in 2019.
In the case of the Pangu Pati-led government, the same trend will most likely happen again if Marape does not take heed of the warnings to control his cabinet members to follow the set norms and protocols.
That is why Papua New Guinea politics is so dynamic and only those who can master it will survive the test of political seasons.
In PNG politics, everyone is a leader and not a follower.

Political Observer,