PM, solve our problems first

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 FROM the information I have gathered from reading the news, the decision  by the prime ministers of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill and Australia’s Kevin Rudd  to use PNG as an alternative resettlement home for refugees, leaves a lot to be desired. 

PNG has been put in a difficult position by a man who is seeking re-election and the other, more benefits.

O’Neill needs to know that the long term impact of this decision that he made on behalf of the country far outweighs the benefits we will get from it. 

Can he explain clearly what the regional resettlement package (valid for next year, subject to review thereafter) is? 

Can you tell us what studies have been done in PNG on the affect it will have on the nation?

Does PNG have the capacity to take on such a huge responsibility?

What has Rudd told you about what  they are doing to address the issue in Indonesia which is the takeoff point for boat people.

O’Neill himself said during a press conference that Papua New Guinea has its own own refugee issues. 

How have we, as a country, handled the influx of West Papuans fleeing Indonesia?

For the common good of our country, O’Neill needs to re-negotiate or end this agreement. 

Until the country can deal with its problems and issues, we cannot help with Australia’s problem in such a big way.

Sione Olewale, Via email