Friends ‘missing’ Jenelyn

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By Rebecca Kuku
JENELYN Kennedy was loved and treasured by her family and close friends who today will lay her to rest at the 9-Mile cemetery in Port Moresby.
Families and friends received the body of the 19-year-old mother-of-two at the family home at Murray Barracks yesterday as they prepared for the funeral service today at the Rev Sione Kami Memorial Church around midday.
“She was an angel, kind, compassionate and open,” her best friend Britney Taba .
Taba told The National that she first met Jenelyn in school and though she was a year ahead of her, they became best friends.
“We just clicked and identified with each other. She was more than a friend, she was my sister,” she said.
“God knows I can’t express how I feel right now.”
Taba said although they had reached out to her a couple of times to leave her relationship, she continued to stay because of her two children aged three and one.
“I’m sure she fought to stay alive for them and it just breaks my heart that she won’t get to see them grow up.
“It’s hard to accept that she’s sleeping in that coffin. I keep asking why, because I can’t accept that she’s gone just like that.
“Jenelyn was a good person with a great personality.”


  • This is NOT good reason PM you highlighted in the National News Paper now, You have made big mistakes and four moths is too much for the sick people who are in Church run Health Canters..May be some of them might passed away and your response now Is very late.

  • May your soul rest in eternal peace. Heart felt sympathy to two of her kids. May God Almighty protect them and keep them safe as they grow up in the absence of their loving mother late Jenelyn.

  • For those who point fingers at PM JM with this rural Health issue, don’t you ever forget that PM JM took over over the mass from the former Prime Minister ( Peter O’ Neil )who created it. Saying this is not to support PM JM, but lets just be generous. If you are to put yourself in PM JM’s shoe what will you perform to save the country within a short period of time. There’s nothing much you can do. So lets bear with him for sometime. Definitely PM JM will deliver. I really sympathize but lets bear with for sometime. That is how I understand the situation of our economy that’s why I am making the above statement. I neither support PM JM but that’s my perception.

  • Bruce Maran….you just hopeless. Don’t pass the buck, PMJM was part of the last regime, if you want to be a leader than you must be prepared to carry every persons burden small or big. Sorry by PMJM means he has failed his duites and its a wake up call for him and he admits!

  • Expect worse to come, our Pm is Judas who betrayed his own friend PO who was prayerfully mandated by 8 million PNG people. They only change PM only when country faces problems chaotic issues with protests, destroying, looting, universities on the streets fighting to change the government and etc.. In our case is very different and is done by power hungry and self interested minority leaders inciting and influencing those uneducated leaders to hide their sins. Its only 1 year and Png is already faced problems under PMJm reign. He was not blessed mandated by 8million in 2017. He intercepted and we expected worse to come because during his national repentance speech last year he has cursed the throne of the PM down to the ordinary citizens when he was praying for the nation. We want a blessings from God and not curse.

  • Marape was part of the Oneil government. He was standing on NA’s platform , all of a sudden now he is standing on pangu’s platform, if Pangu retrieve their support for him he will be running around looking for other parties platform to rescue him.
    To this day I don’t know what this prime minister stands for. Usually politicians align to a party who represents their believes with strong policy outcomes.
    Jumping from one party to the next is very rare because the people vote for policy they don’t vote for the person (referring to western society). If you have the best policy and reform then your party has more chance to command majority vote to form the government.
    when you don’t succeed in forming a government, you don’t quit your party and join the government NO, you work hard on how you can improve on your current policy and reform to turn the tide. This kind of politics promotes responsible governments and accountability.

  • I lived in a rural PNG community where the health services we received are those provided by a mission agency, in this case the Catholic Church. Just this morning I was told by a colleague that he will be attending a meeting at this agency supposedly to do with the temporary closure of this health centre because the health workers have not be paid for some time. What I am dreading is the denial of basic medical care to our rural people because of non-payment of their well earned wages. This is not a political issue but a humanitarian one. Forget the politicking of PMJM, what our people need at this time paramount to their livelihood is healthy care. Get that funds disbursed as soon as possible so that these simple health workers can be paid. Enough of the politics.

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