PM stands by his ministers

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says the K100 million for Lae road works is already with the Works Department and contracts will be awarded by the National Executive Council today.

O’Neill said that yesterday on the ongoing Lae roads controversy and war-of-words between Morobe Governor Kelly Naru and Works Minister Francis Awesa.

Treasurer Don Polye on Monday said the K100 million for the Lae roads had already been given to Works Department to use.

“I know the governor (Naru) has called on us to attend to the issue, but let me say that there seems to be a misunderstanding between the minister (Awesa) and the governor,” O’Neill said.

“Of course, the clarity was given by the treasurer (Don Polye).

“The funds, close to K100 million, is in a special trust fund to cater for Lae city roads. He (Polye) clarified that the money is in that account. Tomorrow (today), NEC will be meeting, and I understand from the Central Supply and Tenders Board and Works, that they are going to bring in contract and tender bids for us to make a decision on contractors who will start the construction of the Lae City roads.”

O’Neill said he had insisted from the outset that the Lae roads be concrete.

“That’s why it has taken longer,” he said. Some of our officers have a hearing problem. When they went out for tenders,  they wanted a road built on asphalt. I said ‘go back again to concrete’. “That is why it’s taken a lot of time, but please be patient.”