PM tables new 20-yr plan

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare celebrated 42 years in politics yesterday by tabling the Papua New Guinea development strategic plan 2010-30 in Parliament.
The 20-year plan is aimed at transforming the country from a low-income to a middle-income nation.
The Prime Minister said the plan provided the guide to a successful and prosperous future for all Papua New Guineans.
“On Sept 16, 1975, Papua New Guinea took a big step in entering unknown territory as an independent sovereign nation.
“Transition of a people of many languages and cultures to a global economy within three decades is in itself an achievement and testimony of resilience of the people of this great nation.
“PNG has progressed and is now at the crossroads of economic development,” Sir Michael said.
He said three critical questions were asked when putting together the plan; Where are we now, as a nation? Where do we want to be in 2030? How do we get there?
“It, therefore, sets out the broad framework, targets, and strategies to achieve the Government’s vision,” Sir Michael said.
He said the plan was designed to quadruple the national income which should give all Papua New Guineans
an improved quality of life by exploiting the available opportunities, enabling them to become key players in the overall socioeconomic development of the country.
“It is designed to strategically inform and guide Papua New Guineans in all walks of life to engage in the development process of our country.
“We have, for far too long, been swinging on the back of rhetoric and ad-hoc decision-making processes
which do not reflect Government policy initiatives.
“This reflected badly on Papua New Guinea’s development goals and priorities, thus, leaving the rural majority with minimal or no economic options to become key players in socioeconomic advancement.
“This plan is designed to change all these.
“This is homegrown document taking into account concerns and aspirations of the Government, non-governmental organisations, churches, private sector and people of this nation,” Sir Michael said.