PM to look into alleged graft

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PRIME Minister James Marape told Parliament that he plans to look into alleged corruption issues in the Labour and Industrial Relations Department following Unggai-Bena MP Benny Allen’s allegations of systematic corruption.
Allen, who had documents from a whistleblower, said there were instances of transferring of powers to two other departments, no check and balance of operations, no arbitration tribunal in six years with many workers still waiting for their cases to be heard, double dipping and cheques signed for equipment that were unbdelivered. “All files are with police but nothing has been done,” he lamented.
Marape said, while corruption was an issue that Government was committed to fighting, particularly within government offices, he did not see why the police were sitting on files that needed to be investigated immediately.
“I am pleased that a whistleblower is using the Whistleblowers Act to report corruption within a department,” he said.
“We do not tolerate corruption within our rank and file, and within the Government. This sort of information is encorgaed.
“Police, you do not need the police minister to tell you to do your job. Why are you waiting for the member to ask the question on the floor of Parliament? When an issue of corruption comes, you get up and do your job.
“In many cases, files on corruption remain on the table of the police.
“I want to assure the whistleblower that we will look into the issue.
“Labour is a sensitive department and protects workers in the country.”