PM to open Lutheran synod

Lae News, Normal

THE Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare will officially open the 27th synod of the Evangelical Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea on Sunday.
Church officials confirmed yesterday that Sir Michael will be in Lae to open the all-important church decision-making meeting.
As confirmation of this came, truckloads of Lutherans began arriving at the Martin Luther Seminary in Lae ahead of the opening ceremony and the synod proper.
People from places linked by road were arriving with garden food, pigs and other necessities for the synod.
People from the Jabem District – hosts for the synod – are arriving by road and sea with food to feed the 1,000-plus delegates.
The road from Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae to the Martin Luther Seminary has been cleared and is ready for the synod.
The synod opening on Sunday will begin with a four-kilometre walk from the Balob Teachers College to the stadium.
The organising committee officials met yesterday to iron out last minute issues while the Church hierarchy finalised the programme for printing.
People wishing to find out more about the synod arrangements can telephone ELCPNG headquarters on 4304074 and 4304076 and Jabem district office on 4304075.