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PRIME Minister James Marape says people should unite in their efforts to bring prosperity to the nation.
“As we ponder our nationhood, I want to rally our national conscience towards our shared individual responsibilities for a better PNG,” he said.
“That is why as prime minister I have commenced the work of restoring good governance, empowering our people and shifting the balance back to the national interest rather than the interest of a small few.
“This includes our efforts to bring lasting peace and political settlement to Bougainville. Our efforts in the resource sector to ensure that our nation and people get a better and fairer share.
“Our efforts in investing in agriculture and our micro small to medium enterprise (MSMEs) to help grow our economy. But let me be clear. We must unite in our efforts to bring prosperity to our nation.” This requires the support of all our citizens, from the islands, to the highlands and every corner of the country.
“Each and every one of you must be engaged and willing to participate in the transformation that is now before us,” he said.
“We have the hindsight of the last 45 years to guide us into the next 45 years, and I am confident that the future is bright.
“To our seniors, today we pay our respects to you for taking us this far, for your hard work, dedication and enduring commitment to our country,” said Marape.
“And to my children’s generation, I say this: Your parents and country are working hard for you.
“But you too can contribute to your country’s future by being law-abiding students, supporting your parents, maintaining your faith in God and studying hard.”


  • Well said Prime Minister James Marape, the Nation is at your back…In God we TRUST..

    Our First Prime Minister placed his trust on God when he advocate for an independent PNG….
    He said; “When I advocate for PNG to be independent, many people said, ‘what will you do when you get independence’”?
    “Will you build planes, you’ll fly them? You’ll drive vehicles? I told them Anutu (God) is there, he will guide us and show us the way”

    Happy 45 anniversary to all…

  • Why other countries like China, India Japen etc who are not involving religion in ruling their nation developed. We must understand, it is not the religion, it is the people’s mentality, administration and control that matters. Weak people say, God will do it for us,, no God give us brains, so we can be wise to manage our resources, to move our country forward.
    Mixing religion with Politics does not work well.

  • A leader appointed for this season, a leader appointed to take back what is rightfully belong to the people of this nation, a leader appointed to negotiate for the meat and not bones left behind by foreign investment, a leader who think best for his people, a leader with a vision to see this country rise up to realize its true potential in all sectors, a leader who is not ashamed to declare the name of the Lord as the solution to the country’s problems…………the first Prime Minister in this country Declaring to make “PNG the Riches Black Christian Nation in the World.”

    The vision is achievable through strengthen of government institution to do work efficiently, create opportunity and conducive environment for the growth of SMEs, encourage citizen to have more than one source of income, encourage and strengthen e-commerce in the country, strengthen law and order in the country, upgrades our Educational Institutions etc etc…In unity, all these is achievable…..

    Mr. Prime Minister (and your advisors) be the country’s marks men (in this present time). We are counting on you to take the country through to realize its true potential. May the good Lord be our Supreme Guide in all our plans.

  • Well said Prime Minister and I salute you for that.
    I believe you were the last man standing beside Chief after everyone else has left during the 2011 political impasse.
    While Chief is still with you, get as much advice as you can. Chief was well known for making his enemies become best of friends.

    I repeat again, Chief held this country together for more than 40 years. Find out how he did that. He is a wise man. Let him be your guide if you want to emulate Chief.

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