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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says he is not moved by Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu’s switch to the Opposition.
Numu crossed the floor yesterday during Parliament’s morning session questions without notice after querying about the Agricultural Industry Park and the coffee derivation grant.
Numu said he felt that the Government did not have his people’s (Eastern Highlands) best interest at heart and announced his intention of leaving the Government to join the Opposition before leaving the chamber.
The Opposition welcomed him and said his move was a brave one and showed the cracks in the Government.
Shadow Attorney-General and Sinasina-Yongmugl MP Kerenga Kua said Numu’s move was a historical one as not one member of Parliament since the 1975 independence had ever left the comforts of being in the government to join the Opposition.
“I congratulate the people of Eastern Highlands for giving us this young, strong, fearless leader, who is not afraid to put the national interest and his people’s interest before the comfort of being part of the government,” he said.
O’Neill told The National that Numu was never intact with the government.
“He was just a one-man party who jumped from Opposition to Government and was now jumping back,” the prime minister said.
“I will not waste my time to play this silly games with the Opposition, as they still don’t have the numbers even with the governor’s move,” he said.
However, the Opposition said that a good number of MPs from Government had been in contact with the Opposition and would be joining the Opposition in their own time to ensure a successful vote of no confidence to remove the current government.
Numu said that his move was an individual one as a leader.
“I am making the move for my people. As the governor, I know that coffee is the future of my people. It will create employment opportunities and help them to become financially independent,” he said. Numu said that the Agriculture Industry Park memorandum of understanding was signed between his provincial government and the Chinese Railroad Company to help local coffee growers in his province.
“The Chinese have an established market, all they wanted was just freshly produced coffee which my people could provide.
“But since the signing nothing happened, we have not even received any coffee deviation grants, functional grants, project funds and many other funding,” he said.
Numu said that chose to move from the comforts of the government because he believed the current government did not have the best intentions for his people.
“I made the move because I believe there is a need to get our country back in order. National interest is paramount, and I as a leader must stand up for my people,” he said.
Numu’s move was described by the Opposition Leader Patrick Puratch as a bold and transparent move.
“The crossing over of Governor Numu shows that there are cracks within the government,” Pruaitch said.
Already there are MPs from the government who have been in contact with us, so over the next few days we will see others crossing the floor.”
Puratch said that the Opposition would file for a vote of no-confidence motion after the current government’s grace period expired on Feb 5.


  • If the opposition really want to improve their chance for a successful VONC they must change their leader now.
    Patrick Puratch was the real reason Sam Basil moved Pangu to O’Neils team to form the coalition after the last eletion.
    Sam Basil could not stand the sight of Puratch after a great time with PO moved at the 11th hour to improve his chance of becoming PM which he almost did if Basil had not backflipped on his words prior to the 2017 elections.
    Basil will not work with Basil as the leader. Basil will move if alternative PM is offered to him. Basil has shown that he can change his mind if the conditions are right.
    That will surely crumble the government

    • Kindin Ongugo.

      Right on track with your comments Kindin, I am humbly asking the opposition to change leadership now. Come on Puratchs humble yourself and hand down the leadership to someone else, may be to an elderly.

  • This parliament surely misses the firebrand politicians of yesteryears such as Iambakey Okuk, Pita Lus, John Kaputin etc. who are out already. However, Paias Wingti & Julius Chan aren’t yet gone beyond the use-by date, and one wonders how they continue to accept this dictatorial leadership.

    No hard feelings though, but this opposition lacks the charisma up the forefront and would do well to deal with it to be any chance at VONC.

  • Under the Constitution, the political party with highest numbers , it’s leader automatically become prime minister or Opposition Leader so Patrick Puriach as head of NA will remain as Opposition Leader, unless the party meets and a points a new Leader.
    The movement of the Governor of EHP does not matter much to the current Government because it’s numbers are all intact. Also
    importantly our country needs Political Stability to push for major policies and projects to bring our country forward so let the O’niel continue to Government until 2022.
    Opposition has its Constitutional rights to put up a vote of no confidence and that depend on its numbers. If they don’t master enough numbers, than there is no need to be so vocal about . It only brings confusion to our citizen and therefore let the Oniel Government continue to deliver until 2022.

  • Basil has always been not in good terms with Patrick Pruaitch for personal reasons. basil do not have the credentials to be a prime minister. He will never be one so he can continue to dream of being one.

  • That is the way forward for a new and transparent government. Patrick needs to step down immediately for the transition to take place. PNG needs a new alternative government to be in place as soon as possible. Give Basil a chance to take the lead in order to have a successful vote of no confidence on the floor of parliament.

    The current government is running the country down and needs to be replaced. Away with Peter O’Neil.

  • I think so, Basil should be given the alternate Prime Minister. 1. He is the adcore and aggressive member in the Namahs led offosition. 2. His got the number to be appointed the next PM of PNG.
    During the last move by the opposition to move the vote of no confident by the opposition , includind Sam Basil, only the old man, Grand chief sir Michael Somare moved to the opposition whilst Patrick Pruaitch have no respect for Grand Chief and remained in the Government with the rest of NA members because he still likes the sweetness and luxury life with the Government , putting his interest first and the people of Aitape Lumi behind.
    If he made a move at that time , the PM post will be automatically given to him because of the number of MPs that crossed the floor with him.
    Now that he was sacked by PM . He decided to lead the opposition , but his chance is over, give it to Basil. He will come out with the good number to form the next Government.
    Come on Basil, you can do it. Politics are like that. You can play tricks, but you can cross the last minute.

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