PM urges more citizens to venture into SME businesses

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The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill wants to see many more Papua New Guineans venturing into small to medium entrepreneurial activities.

O’Neill said that in his keynote address at the People’s National Congress party convention in Lae last Friday.

He said his vision was to see many people who were successful in businesses in the near to medium term and a nation and community that rewarded aspiration and enterprise.

“I have said, and I affirm today, I want to see a nation that encourages and rewards aspiration and enterprise,” he said.

“Frankly, that ought to be our aspiration as a nation – and as a political party, I want the PNC membership to stand with me, and with my colleagues, in really making a difference in regard to the aspiration of our people, and enabling them to be successful in small business.

“I hope the day will come when Papua New Guinea will be known across the region and beyond as a nation of aspiring people and small business men and women,” O’Neill said.

He said he wanted to see people venturing into farming, running shops and trade stores, operating tourist resorts, provide public transport, operate in service industries such as cleaning, or serve in key professions such as law, nursing and accountancy.

 “Last year, our government set out a 12-point plan to grow our small to medium enterprise sectors,” he said.

“A plan is a good start – but now the challenge is to get our people to embrace it, work with us to implement it, and participate in it.

“Today I invite you to give me, and give my colleagues, your ideas on how we can deliver on what I believe to be the greatest opportunity of our time – to make Papua New Guinea a nation of entrepreneurs, of small business people, and of people all working together to grow the nation, and secure a better and broadly shared future,” he said.

He said his Government was committed to helping people do that.