PM: Violence unnecessary

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says the confrontation between police and University of Papua New Guinea students in Port Moresby yesterday was not something the Government wanted for the students or anybody.
He told Parliament that he was not aware of who authorised the policemen to shoot unarmed students. He was replying to a question from Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat on yesterday’s event in Port Moresby.
News of police shooting and claims of student deaths in Port Moresby sparked violence and riots in Lae and Mt Hagen as students took to the streets.
O’Neill condemned the people responsible for instigating the violent confrontation at the UPNG campus.
He said an inquiry would be conducted to find out the reasons behind the continued student unrest promoted by individuals outside the student body. The inquiry would also seek to uncover the source of external funding that had underwritten the student protest in recent weeks.
“This protest and the factors that led to the incident today have been driven by people who are not students,” O’Neill said.
“This is now a law and order issue.
“We must obtain the facts and ensure this does not happen again in the future.
“I call on parents to be calm and speak with your children. People around the nation, parents, provincial and district administrations and importantly, the majority of students who simply want to go to class have had enough.
“Now students must go to class and complete their studies for this semester.
“Those who were already failing their classes and were hoping to have the semester suspended will have to face the consequences of their low grades.”