PM visits Karkar

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill led a delegation to Karkar Island in Madang on Tuesday to celebrate Sumkar Day.

The event was organised by local MP Ken Fairweather to show off development projects and activities initiated under the District Services Improvement Programme.

The delegation visited several projects, including Kulili plantation where the copra pod borer project was launched. 

Karkar Island produced 10,000 tonnes of copra annually.

O’Neill said K15 million, an increase of K8 million from the previous K7 million, would be allocated to subsidise the price of copra for farmers on the island.

He said a new police station would be built at Taur to boost law and order on the island.

The highlights of the event included the opening of the Ken Fairweather Hall at Karkar Secondary School and the return of the land title to Dogowan plantation to its customary owners.

There was also a groundbreaking ceremony at Dogowan to signify the handing over of a portion of the land as a gesture of goodwill to the Government to build a small township and container wharf.

The delegation included Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, Madang Governor Jim Kas, Usino Bundi MP Anton Yagama, Forests Minister Patrick Pruaitch, Speaker Thoedore Zurenuoc, National Planning Minister Charles Abel, Works Minister Francis Awesa and PNG Sustainable Development Programme chief executive David Sode.