PM wants tougher violence laws


PRIME Minister James Marape wants to see tougher penalties on those who perpetrate violence against women.
He told the PNG Women’s Forum yesterday that women lawyers should help him draft the changes.
“Please look at the laws on violence against women as I am keen on (increasing) the penalties on violence against women,” Marape said.
“Look into the laws we have, from what we perceive as minor issues to the bigger issues. We need to (increase the) penalties on violence against women. I will be your advocate in parliament.”
Marape said rape and sexual assault on women should bear the maximum penalty to deter men from committing such crimes.
“By 2029, I want to walk the streets of Boroko in the National Capital District and I want to see my daughter and her friends walking peacefully on the streets of Boroko at midnight,” he said.
When that happens, he will be a satisfied man.
“I believe our country has a lot to offer as our tourism potential is so big. But violence continue to hold us back.”
He told the women to make recommendations to the Government.
“Look at the laws we have and the 2020 parliamentary calendar.
“We will keep ourselves busy passing some of those amendments in relation to the laws on tougher penalties on violence against women.”
He urged women to have faith in their country as it would continue to get better.


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