PM warns building contractors to account for every toea


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has warned companies contracted to build classrooms and other school projects to account for every toea they are allocated.
He sounded the warning while opening a new classroom at Waisisi Primary School in Talasea, West New Britain last weekend.
“Many times the Government has given contracts to certain contractors who fail to complete their jobs and run off with payments,” O’Neill said.
“This must stop. We are looking back at previous contracts to identify any irregularities for further investigation.
“It is vital for our children to have proper buildings to learn.
“Any time there is fraud, it deprives our children of their right to education.
“We also have seen a number of builders who have delivered high-quality school buildings, and their commitment and accountability is helping us to advance the nation.”
The prime minister thanked the primary school board and the builders for an outstanding job.
“Continuing to improve education is our government’s commitment to our future generations,” O’Neill said.
“Better education provides the greatest hope for our children, particularly in remote and rural areas.
“In 2018, we have allocated K1.29 billion for the education sector, which is nearly nine per cent of the national budget. This is an increase of 13 per cent from the 2017 Supplementary Budget.
“We have placed more than an additional one million students in school over the past five years.
“Now we are applying additional focus on improving the quality of education.”