PM: We can attract investment


PRIME Minister James Marape, pictured, says the nation is in the best position of attracting new investment.
Marape told a press conference on Friday after the swearing in of new cabinet ministers that it was all about attracting foreign investment.
“I am not in the business of harming our investors in the country,” he said.
“Our investors and partner investors ExxonMobil, Oil Search, Total, Santos, Nippon Oil, have been with us for a long time. We are in the business of now consolidating on the investment here, as well as attracting new investors into our country.
“It’s all about attracting foreign investments, but as I speak, I want to pick firstly the lowest hanging fruits for my economy and my country as well as gearing up improving in the areas of domestic market obligations, local content in greater equity participation.
“We are tired of being rent collectors and sometimes down the line.
“We will be making regime shifts also friendly to our investors but also friendlier to our country in making sure our economy has greater residual benefit from the petroleum sector also.
“And I make no apologies to anyone, you don’t like the way I’m speaking pack up and leave.
“I’m all about adding value to what I’m saying, I know I’m investor friendly. I have to win for the eight million shareholders of PNG.”

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