PMC out of line with NHP

Letters, Normal

SOME medical people appear to consistently be putting personal interest ahead of professional health conscience and ethics. 
Dr Mathias Sapuri’s claims (The National, Sept 30) that the proposed Pacific Medical Centre (PMC) is in line with the National Health Plan (NHP) is preposterously misleading. 
Prohibitive costs of health services by this white elephant will contradict the spirit of NHP by limiting services to only a handful of rich patients.
By inference, Sapuri is trying to convince us that improvement to neglected health services of the nation is not in line with the NHP including affordability of health services for the six million citizens of this nation. 
Is the NHP more applicable to the PMC than challenges currently faced by the private hospital (behind the Port Moresby General Hospital) which Sapuri deserted as its head in 2007 to take up employment with another hospital with lesser challenges? 
How will the PMC benefit us?
The allegation by Sapuri that services by the PMC will be available to treat cancer, heart problems and lifestyle diseases is not only mediocre but is purely rhetorical and diversionary.
The argument is about wastage of funds that will only benefit a handful of rich patients (and doctors). 
It is about prioritising funds to service run-down national health services so that cancer, heart problems and lifestyle diseases may be treated. 
I challenge Sapuri to defend the PMC along those lines of arguments. 
I also challenge him to champion affordable professional health care for PNG citizens for a change.


Mani Apfrant Odai
Port Moresby