PMFTC to assist graduands

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PORT Moresby Farmer Training Centre (PMFTC) will be the first institution in Papua New Guinea to offer cash incentive to its graduands when they graduate from a one-year farmer training programme in November.
PMFTC principal director John Mebil said this would be a first and the centre wanted to uphold and build on that culture to ensure those undertaking training programmes there had a start-up capital to pursue their own projects after they graduated.
Mr Mebil said the current participants of the programme were 12 youths from Moresby Northeast electorate.
They were sponsored by Moresby Northeast MP Andrew Mald and Foundation for People and Community Development under its youth and mental health project.
He said PMFTC had assisted the 12 youths in creating their own accounts with Microfinance.
Since then, their savings have accumulated through proceeds from their small-scale business projects.
Mr Mebil appealed to NCD youths to find time to make enquiries to enrol at the training centre because this institution was in a position to empower them with the right training and the capacity to equip them to be self-starters with their own projects. The participants of the training programme expressed sincere appreciation and gratitude to the centre for giving them a direction and purpose in life. Participants’ representative James Liki said PMFTC had helped the participants discover their potential as businessmen and women in their own right.
He said they would use those skills to benefit their communities and the country.
“For the first time in our lives, we have money in our hands. “With that, we can expand our projectsand, in the process, assist us attend further training,” Mr Liki said.