PMGH ushers in new system

National, Normal

THE Port Moresby General Hospital has undergone major changes in order to treat patients faster and more efficiently.
PMGH emergency department  has relocated to the adult outpatient department.
 The adult outpatient department is closed  and patients are being urged to use private and urban clinics for treatment and other health services.
Coordinator of emergency services Dr Sam Yockopua said PMGH would only accept referred patients and emergencies.
“This way, we do not dilute our services because the ratio between the services and drugs provided is less than the current population of Port Moresby,” he said.
The emergency department has introduced a colour-coded triage system where patients are treated according to the urgency or severity of their injury or illness.
The colour codes indicate the amount of time a person will have to wait to be seen. They are as follows:
Red – attention is immediate;
Yellow – attention will be given in 10-30 minutes;
Green – attention will be given  between 30 minutes to an hour;
 Blue – attention will be given  between one-two hours and
White – a patient may be asked to come back the next day.