PMIZ site work starts

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 25th, 2013


TRADE, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru has instructed subcontractors to immediately begin work at Vidar, the site of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) during a visit to Madang last Friday.

The decision to begin work was reached with project stakeholders last month.

A contractor, Aces Ventures Limited, has started clearing and construction of a bypass road to divert traffic during construction of the gate. 

Work at the site stopped two years ago with bush and shrubs overtaking the once bright blue fencing constructed during former minister Gabriel Kapris’ term.

Aces Ventures said that work could not be completed earlier due to technical difficulties such as registration of the cadastral survey, relocation of existing power pylons in line with the project’s sub-division and zoning plan, approval of structural design, building board and road designs. 

Other problems that also stalled the project were the lack of water and power supply plans in the design phase of the project.

Aces Ventures will also do an identification survey for road alignments and clear the roads under the approved sub-division and zoning plan.

The final concept design, which is in its final stages of completion by the project’s general contractor China Shenyang International Corporation, is expected to be delivered in the next six weeks.

The concept design will form the basis for the development of the detailed engineering design and master plan for the Madang industrial park project. 

Minister Maru stressed the importance of fast tracking the project to the design phase. 

The development cost is expected to increase from the current K264 million to about K1 billion after the project is reviewed to include utilities such as electricity, water, telecommunication and waste treatment facilities.  

Maru challenged all stakeholders to provide necessary counter funding to meet the State’s total contribution towards the project.

The government will play a regulatory role.