PMIZ will benefit PNG in long term

Letters, Normal

THE tuna industry is an important one for Papua New Guinea.
We are aware that many foreign vessels are harvesting tuna in our waters both legally and illegally.
The majority of the catches are processed overseas and we import the finish product at a high cost.
While many are criticising the Pacific Marine Industrial Park (PMIZ), I believe it will benefit us in the long run.
By processing the tuna catch in our shore, it will create many opportunities for our people and they include jobs, contracts, spin-off businesses, etc.
It will also improve our competitive level and provide some skills for our people.
Even before the park is up and running, the developer will need workers, both skilled and unskilled.
The skilled jobs include welders, masons, carpenters, etc.
When the park is ready, we can show the world that our people are equally capable of producing world class products.
We stand to benefit greatly if we process tuna products in PNG.
With thousands of people working and earning an income, this will help boost Madang and PNG’s economy.
The Government, as PMIZ promoter, is in a better position to review and make the necessary changes if there are flaws in the PMIZ concept.
But it is a different story when the ultimate goal is to stop the project.
This kind of goal will deprive Papua New Guineans of the benefits we long been deprived of from tuna harvested from our waters.
This is not the way to fight for our people’s rights as it will deprive them an income.
The illegal fishing boats will have everything to gain from the sheer stupidity of our people as we are not fishing and processing tuna ourselves.
What is the ultimate goal by stopping this project?
What is the alternative for our people to earn an income?
Why is the group so dead set against this project?
Are our people being made use of by certain people to ensure there is no competition when it comes to harvesting tuna in our own waters?
I believe there is an ulterior motive by the group protesting against the PMIZ.
Papua New Guineans must stop themselves from being made use of by people who are out to sabotage our economy.
What we need is to learn how to process tuna ourselves.
And what better way to do that than from the factories at the industrial park.


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