PMSA push to be an affiliate of PNGFA

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The National, Friday, May 13, 2011

THE possibility of the Port Moresby Soccer Association becoming a member of the PNG Football Association (PNGFA) will not be easy because the executive committee will have to go through certain procedures to ascertain their membership.
PNGFA chief executive officer Dimirit Mileng said yesterday that despite receiving notice of their intention to be an affiliate, the committee would have to sit down and go through certain processes to decide on their next move.
“I can confirm that the PNGFA has received the notice but it is not easy to make a decision as the executive committee has to go through all the processes before the association could be re-admitted into PNGFA family,” he said.
Mileng clarified to The National on the eve of the PNGFA Congress, at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby tomorrow.
Although the PMSA notice was not included in the agenda the for bi-annual congress, Mileng said it would be up for discussion during the presentation of activity report.
The major agenda for the congress is the presentation of audited financial report for the past three years, from 2008 to last year.
However, PMSA acting secretary-general John Mogi and his technical director Russel Tsuga are pushing for the association to be a member of the PNGFA.
Mogi said the players and the clubs had suffered enough because of personal ego and indifferences among the PMSA executives.
He is also calling on the PNGFA to explain the suspension of the association.
“Currently, the suspension is too broad making everyone confused,” Mogi said.
Mogi and Tsuga have been administering the competition and other activities after the current executives deserted “to play football in the court room”.