PMV owners go on strike

National, Normal

BUS operators in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province, went on strike last Friday morning, forcing students, workers and the public to walk.
They were upset that route-100 bus operators were competing for passengers in the city.

At a meeting last Friday morning, about 30 city bus operators blamed the PMV Board, the Transport Board
and the police for  allowing the route-100 buses to operate in the city.
Alex Kilala, speaking on behalf of the other city bus operators, said as a result of the additional buses, they did not make any money at the end of the day.
“What little money we make is spent on fuel.
“We have nothing left to take home in the afternoon,” he said.
Mr Kilala said  previously, they could make enough to maintain their vehicles, pay for their registration and
meet other expenses.
“However, this is not the case now,” he explained to The National.
Mr Kilala said the PMV and transport boards had failed to allocate route numbers to the operators which would help to prevent the route-100 buses from operating in the city.
He said if the authorities failed to take action, they would take their buses off the streets again.