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ON Jan 6 (Page 12), The National published a story ‘Bus driver Yawa loves his job’ which prompted me to write this sad story.
In that article and I quote: “Port Moresby bus driver Yawa Kolem loves his job but is worried about what will happen to him if a planned free bus is introduced in the capital city etc…”
One Saturday evening two weeks ago, around 5.30pm, I was waiting at Boroko Motors’ bus stop at Waigani for a Bus 9 to come home to Gerehu and eventually got on Yawa’s bus (I recognised him from the article I read and the photograph).
His crew asked for my K1 and I gave it to him easily.
The bus was full with four people standing on the doorway.
When we came to Waigani traffic light, Yawa turned into Waigani market bus stop towards Morata and his crew told us to get off.
I quietly asked the crew if he could at least refund me 50t so I could catch another bus to Gerehu, but he refused and threatened me.
Being a peaceful man from Buang (Morobe), I got off and walked all the way from Waigani to Gerehu because I did not have an extra K1 on me.
I appreciate most bus drivers’ concerns about job security but they really don’t care about their passengers.
Everyone knows that a Bus Route 9 is ‘Gerehu to 4-Mile’ and return, and not half way for quick bucks.
We the people of NCD give our undivided support and welcome every news for introduction of free bus service.
All you bus drivers and crews have the same stupid mentality on all bus routes which has been going on for far too long.
We the travelling public simply had enough.
I am 65-years and it was raining heavily, but I had no other choice except to walk all the way to Gerehu in the rain, arriving around 6.40pm.
If all bus drivers really love their job, my advice is to start showing people that you really care about them and their K1.

Tukbob Nakas
Gerehu Em Yum Ya

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