PMVs cheating passengers


IT is not fair that passengers are overcharged, despite shorter distances.
For example, bus crews always charge K1 to Waigani Central from 4-Mile.
Another K1 from Central Waigani to Vision City, another K1 from Vision City to Waigani and so on just on the same seat.
They are making about K4-K5 per trip from a single passenger.
When we pay 50t (having in mind that the journey is incomplete), they throw away our 50t and most of the time assault us, especially helpless women.
I see that this practice originated from the very greedy and selfish businessmen of a certain province.
Their bus and taxi services in Port Moresby are unacceptable to customers in the city.
I appeal to Governor Powes Parkop to fight for us so NCDC can take over and provide that service to the general public.

Esther S Amos