PMVs not adhering to measures


PMV buses in the National Capital District only comply to rules when there are check points in the city.
I understand the needs of the crew, driver and owners that they need to earn an income but think about your welfare including those of the travelling public.
Measures have been made clearly that buses should only transport 15 passengers in a trip and charge K1.50.
You will hardly see a crew adhering to measures and allowing only 15 passengers, wearing face masks and ensuring that the passengers have their hands sanitised and maintain safe social distancing in the bus.
They do not care, all they care about is making money.
They are overloading buses with passengers standing on the doorway as rebels going for war when there are no check points.
It is childish to only do the right thing when the authorities are around.
It is frustrating to see this almost every time.
We listen and follow instructions only when police are watching but we fail to do that when they aren’t around.
It reminds me of children playing hide and seek with their parents.
How can Covid-19 be contained if this attitude continues?
What are we trying to teach our children?
Are we hoping to move forward or backward?


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