PMVs taking advantage


SOME PMVs are taking advantage on the relaxing of certain state of emergency (SOE) restrictions.
There are no police road checks and the buses are overloaded with passengers and charging K1.50.
As per advice from the SOE controller and Snr traffic police for NCD, it should have been K1.50 per 15 passengers.
Just because there are no check points, PMV owners are robbing the poor passengers daily.
You spend K6 per day if you are residing in Gerehu and travelling to Town via Boroko.
By the end of the week, you end up paying K30.
Can the National Capital District Commission look into this issue and rectify if there’s going to be no more police check point.
Please notify the public transport owners to advice their crews to stop this unnecessary charging of fees and go back to K1 bus fare.
We make laws but we don’t maintain them (laws) so this idea of 15 passengers per K1.50 is not working.
It’s only killing the citizens financially than the virus itself.

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  • Suggestion:
    1/. color code all buses instead of numbers
    2/. clearly spell out the bus fares NOW
    3/. Reguarly police presence on all bus stops
    4/. Enforce NO smoking in all public transport

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