PNC party leads with 52 MPs

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THE ruling People’s National Congress Party (PNC) is heading into next year’s general election with 52 MPs – 25 more than when it formed the government in 2012, according to the Registry of Political Parties.
The registry provided an updated list of members of political parties yesterday, showing that the PNC led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, had 27 MPs when it was asked by the Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio to form the government after the 2012 general election.
The extra 25 MPs had since crossed the floor from other political parties and as Independent candidates.
The PNC had 53 members up to last Tuesday before the passing away of acting Speaker and South Fly MP Aide Ganasi.
This is followed by National Alliance Party with 11 MPs, United Resources Party seven, People’s Progress Party seven, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party seven and People’s Party four.
Parties with two MPs each are the New Generation Party, People’s Democratic Party, Pangu Pati and PNG Party.
Parties with a single MP each are the Social Democratic Party, People’s United Assembly Party, People’s Movement for Change Party, United Party, Christian Democratic Party, National Party, and Melanesian Alliance. There are two Independent MPs. Two seats are vacant due to deaths. Three MPs are awaiting leadership tribunal clearance.
“Any disputes relating to membership of elected members of Parliament must be brought to the attention of the Registry of Political Parties as soon as possible,” said Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu.