PNC party still has numbers


SOMETIMES it is so easy to forget the fact that the People’s National Congress (PNC) has the majority of elected parliamentarians to form government after the 2017 national elections.
During the first 18 months in office, the social media platform was used extensively by people to threaten the mandated PNC government under then prime minister Peter O’Neill to face a of motion of no confidence.
He resigned for the love of the country against possible violence and destruction.
O’Neill withdrew his nomination to contest the seat and allowed James Marape to be voted in as the Prime Minister.
Sometimes a humble person who takes in all unfounded insults is rewarded.



  • Here is what Pruaitch said about your hero’s government
    2017/04/03 Post Courier reported
    National Alliance Party Leader Patrick Pruaitch dropped a bomb shell, blaming Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s PNC Party for mismanaging the economy in the past five years. ..and continued..
    .Mr Pruaitch said that last year, the per capita income fell for the first time in 13 years and is expected to fall again this year and keep falling for at least another four years

  • The OBSERVER, I can tell you in plain tok pisin that ‘Insait long political history bilong PNG, PO em bagarapim kantri bilong yumi gut tru.” DONT preach about his reign coz his reign has/is costing this nation. PNC the worst corrupt party….

  • Maybe NA still has an axe to grind against PNC after their kitchen cabinet was dismantled in 2011 by the parliamentary number game led by BN when GC was hospiatlised for over 6 months . NA ran surpluses for nearly two terms which was never translated into any tangible investments to show for but all leaked under conspicuous consumption . So we have no hero’s here but those who spoil the parties when same is happening upset the Pangu led .

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