PNG Air shareholders need explanations


IT is interesting to read statements in the media regarding PNG Air’s poor revenue collection over the past few months; certainly the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has not done it any favour.
However, there are a number of more important questions I have as a shareholder who hasn’t seen a toea paid out since the float.
First, I would like to know what is the aircraft to employee ratio at this time.
I would like to know the relationship between the current chief executive officer and the members of the PNG Air board of directors, as story has it the chief executive officer maybe a long time school buddy of the board director.
It appears this company is played with by a group of unqualified individuals who have no international airline financing skills or any understanding of the intricate mechanisms of running an airline and its finances.
It also appears we have people who continuously load the company with wantoks friends and others who clearly have no business being there.
PNG Air said the revenue was down by 90 per cent, but how is it possible that is wasting money on many beauty pageants?
This only shows the type of people in the management.
The PNG Air management should be reminded that they are dealing with a publicly listed company.
As employees, they can be held legally liable by the shareholders if mistakes are made and it is proven you have no qualification to be there.

Disgusted Shareholder,