PNG and West Papua


I SEE Papua New Guineans with a lot of shame.
Simply because we are yoyos exactly as it is defined.
We didn’t fight for our Independence, not a single blood lost, so what makes you think I will believe you in a national course like standing up for West Papua?
Fake you are!! If you are man enough, deploy yourself to the fighting zone. Port Moresby is not a war zone.
I have my right to remain conscious and plan something better and effective for my brothers and sisters in West Papua than blindly following Powes Parkop and his team of egoistic individuals.
Tell me, which of you Christians can take up a gun against a Muslim if asked to?
I believe in Bougainvilleans. Others who try to imitate Bougainvilleans are simply unmatched only to be seen as criminals by PNG law definition.
We are scared even without a cost of blood to take down our statecraft and rebuild it for our children’s future.
In the eve of 44th Independence anniversary of PNG, what have to show as opposed to all socio-economic indicators in the eye of the world? Should we celebrate or mourn the demise of PNG?
We are mere yoyos of the global capitalist carnage, ant in the eye of big Indonesian Muslim elephant, scared snail in our own fight against the statecraft.
Justification: I followed Powes Parkop when he was a student leader then on the West Papuan course 30 years ago during my UPNG days.
Think, think, and think, outside the box people!

CYRIL GARE, via email

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