PNG and West Papua


PAPUA New Guinea must reaffirm its position and role as the voice of democracy and defender of free will as it demonstrated in the face of neo-colonialism in Vanuatu in 1980.
The military intervention by the Kumul Force – PNG Defence Force – and its successful operation during the Santo revolt proves that PNG can defend and safeguard regional security and protect against neo-colonist influence.
The successful hosting of last year’s Apec Leaders’ Summit made PNG an emerging player in regional dominance and that now gives us the leverage to perform a filial duty by carrying the plight of West Papua to the centre of the international fora.
Filial duty in the sense that the cries and pain of our Melanesian brothers and sisters on the other side of the imperialist divide must get the appropriate international attention.
Decolonisation and human rights have been elusive in the jungles of West Papua.
And a nagging question coming strongly to the fore now is that if PNG can have the resolve against neo-colonialism why can it not take an affirmative stance on the West Papua issue?

David Lepi