PNG at risk in business: Juffa

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THE arrest of Indonesian fugitive Djoko Tjandra by Malaysian police in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday confirms that PNG was at serious risk doing business or associating with him, Northern Governor Gary Juffa says.
The man was also known as Joe Chan in PNG and holds a PNG passport.
Juffa, who raised the alarm since 2012, warning the previous PNG government about dealing with the man wanted by Indonesian authorities, had received zero attention from the government then.
“The previous government of Peter O’Neill has been knowingly harbouring him and doing business with him,” he said.
“The Ombudsman Commission report confirmed my concerns and my assertions.
“That report found that he was illegally in the country and the passports were illegally issued and the people involved were also named.”
He said the recent arrest of Tjandra, in Malaysia, should signal an investigation into those persons involved, politicians and public servants alike.
Juffa said they should be investigated for their part in harbouring Tjandra, for having him issued a PNG passport with falsified information, including his date of birth. He said the arrest was a wake-up call to PNG and its governing systems.
This arrest also calls for improvement in our security systems, including migration, foreign affairs, Customs, police, defence and all state agencies that have a role to play in this type of work, he added.
“When I insisted and raised the alarm, no one wanted to listen and now, with the arrest of the fugitive, it paints a very bad picture on PNG as a nation,” Juffa said.
“We as leaders and public office holders, have an obligation to protect the state and its people and we have failed miserably.”
He also commended the Malaysian police for arresting the fugitive on behalf of their Indonesian counterparts, something PNG government could have done long time ago if the O’Neill government had not been harbouring him.
Juffa said such things should not happen in this nation but they continued to happen.


  • Poor PNGeans are fooled with huge amounts of money to shut up their guts and keep them safe. These Asians come here with millions to play around with little PNGeans who are not active in their leadership roles. Politicians are good on media and they do dirty deals in POM after hours and hideaway. Very sad for PNG.

    We need many Juffas and BK, the Madang MP

  • Honorable Governor Gary Juffa, thank you for bringing to light the subject. Our politicians who are highly intelligent persons, some who are even well educated making foolish and blind decisions for their own person gain. Over to you Police Minister Honourable Brian Kramer, laws where broken by this man who manipulated the system to gain access to PNG. Those who danced to his tune must now waltz to the tune of our mother land laws. God Bless PNG

  • There is a ruminant Church that is opposed to corruption in these Nation is Praying for righteousness to take its own course, I believe the Lord of all Grace is watching all that is taking place in the darkness, is answering & more will be answered as we move forward, sooner or later will see only God fearing sons will take over this nation. Thanks Honorable Governor Garry Juffa, keep on highlighting silence majority is with you..

  • People implication MUST BE ARRESTED ASAP including their leader PO. PM Marape Sir pls setup commission of enquiry ASAP.

  • Now the truth is out, arrest all those implicated in harbouring this useless criminal.

    Juffa was right from day one and yet our mps eating his money kept a blind eye. Your days days are numbered…….

    Juffa, Krammer, Bird, you three are doing a great job serving the interest of us ordinary PNGs.

  • He has changed the name and date of birth and did he also changed his face? He forgot about that he is a same faced person and he did realised that. Sorry for him.

  • PNG authorities involved in facilitating citizen ship without due diligence check despite caution from our good Oro Governor Mr Juffa should be investigated and dealt with according to our laws. The country need many more leaders of the like of Mr Garry Juffa’s calibre.

  • A very sad state of our National affairs.We the general population of this beautiful Nation mandate these 111 political leaders and look at what they continue to do. A few good ones as our Oro Governor continue fight against such unjust goes, unchallenged.

    Those who are responsible and in authority make decisions for their personnel gain at the expense of this nation.Please investigate and bring them to justice.The Bureaucratic system is controlled and influenced by political powers.

    System is meant to work.Its the people that corrupts the workable system .

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