PNG becoming complacent


THE rise in the number of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant in Western, a border province, indicates a total defiance all Covid-19 protocols.
Western has recorded 22 Delta variant cases, the National Capital District seven and Madang one.
On Wednesday, 79 new cases of Covid-19 were reported from North Fly in Western.
The samples were expected to be sent to Australia for genome sequencing to determine if any of the cases were Delta.
Covid-19 National Pandemic Response Deputy Controller Dr Daoni Esorom says investigations show possible genetic linkage between Delta cases in Western and Indonesia, and between Grand Tajma cases and the Madang case.
Reports received show people were still crossing the border despite the travel restrictions which was confirmed with the Delta cases reported in Western and Madang.
And the deputy controller is pretty sure the number will increase when results from the 79 cases are sent back from Australia.
It seems not all Papua New Guineans take Covid-19 seriously and it shows in not wearing of face masks in public places, continuous gathering in huge numbers without practising social distances and washing of hands.
People have not been compliant to the Niupla Pasin strategies and measures put in place since the beginning of the outbreak.
Many are becoming doubting Thomas and want to see disaster strike right before their eyes to believe.
And the amount of false information (disinformation) cur

rently being circulated on social media platforms is preventing people from getting the vaccine.
The volume of false information against the Covid-19 virus and vaccine is being spread like wildfire with no control and with no attempt at verifying the source is shared at the press of a button.
The total number of cases in PNG is 18,091, the death toll stood at 192, and that 17,683 infected had recovered, and 216 cases were still active.
While PNG’s recovery rate was 98 per cent and the fatality rate was one per cent, we must not let our guard down.
If developed nations like the US and the UK can be brought down to their knees by Delta and struggle to contain the virus, imagine what it would do to PNG.
Delta variant is believed to be 50 to 70 per cent more transmittable than the Alpha variant and was the fastest and the fittest variant.
PNG needs at least 70 per cent vaccination coverage to protect us the citizens against the deadly Delta variant virus that is rapidly sweeping across countries in the world.
This will then enable PNG to slow the pandemic; save and protect lives; drive an economic recovery comorbidities.
It has been a struggle to convince; and prevent further spreading of the dangerous variant.
From a population of close to 10million (unofficial), the total number of people vaccinated as of Sunday were 134,444 of which 102,204 people received at least one dose and 32,240 had received two doses (fully vaccinated).
That is very low for our population.
Just below two per cent (1.7 per cent) of the population vaccinated.
While it is voluntary to take the vaccine, the information that our general population need to have access it to is to know more about the Covid-19 vaccination.
Vaccines help protect us all, they keep us well and if we are well, our families and community stay well.
Again, we drive the message … let us be pro-active then to be re-active.
Covid-19 respects no one, knows no boundary and does not discriminate.