PNG can cope with Covid-19


THE speedy recovery process of Covid-19 confirmed cases in PNG is a good sign.
This is our hope and the recovery process indicates to us that we can cope without a Covid-19 vaccine until the world has one.
The assurance is that, we can recover after getting infected.
No doubt, recovery results show that our great God can and will always protect us.
No Covid-19 drugs and vaccine, the speedy recovery also indicates to us that our immune system enriched with vitamins from organic foods can help us fight the disease.
That’s the force behind the speedy recovery.
If I am wrong, then how did we make it so fast?
Can someone clarify the diagnostic and medication process these victims go through to prove that they follow lengthy medication process before retested negative?
No need to look around and create sleepless situations.
In PNG, hygiene is not part of our life, but we can still survive.
Our humid climate and environment can be a contributing factor.
I am convinced after two and half month’s lockdown we have recorded only eight cases.
Uplift all measures and restore normalcy.
Law enforcement will only monitor hygiene protocols and social distancing practices.
We have health experts.
Let’s trust them by fully giving them the power to handle this situation.
Give them the money so they can fight the virus. Covid-19 already made its way into Papua New Guinea and we must live with it like any other disease.

Hanam Bill Sandu,
Critical observer

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