PNG culture group performs in Australia

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YANGORU-Saussia Member of Parliament Richard Maru says classes on culture and heritage would be included in schools in his district.
“The aim is to protect the language, culture and heritage of the Boikin people,” he said.
“I am also working with the Tourism Promotion Authority and others to set up a museum in the district.”
Speaking at a reception to send off the Boim Sara Cultural Troupe to Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday, Maru said “this is the first group from here to perform outside Papua New Guinea.
“We hope this will open the way for tourism to flourish in the district,” he said. The group left for Brisbane on Sunday, and Maru is scheduled to join the troupe today to speak at an event.
Willie Wamaingu, an elder and cultural teacher who was part of the troupe, said the aim of teaching culture and heritage was to ensure the preservation of languages in the district.
“Our culture in the villages is dying very fast,” he said.
“The young are not speaking our native language.
“Our way of life will also die with the language if we do not act.
“The aim of the cultural project is not to teach sorcery or other harmful traditions.
“The aim of this project is to teach the helpful parts of our culture that will help us understand how we’ve come to be as a people group and who we are.”
The Boem Sara Cultural group of West Yangoru, East Sepik, will be part of the independence celebration with the PNG community in Brisbane, Australia, on Sept 15.
Troupe leader Rex Naranen said the 10 traditional dancers took their traditional costumes along for their first performance at the Griffith University Nathan Campus, Australia.
The 10-day cultural roadshow in Brisbane was organised by the university’s PNG Students Association.


  • I agree. Introduce PNG Culture and vernacular classes in secondary schools and offer it in all colleges and universities. Like the University of Goroka did with Gahuku/Alekano, the Goroka people’s vernacular. Of course, learning other foreign languages like french and Japanese fosters an understanding of the interrelation of language and human nature. But we should not toss out our vernaculars- else we won’t be boasting of our 850 languages spoken in the country of which over 820 are indigenous languages.

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