PNG drivers need to change: NRSC

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PAPUA New Guinea has the highest road accident rate in the Western Pacific, recording 4,000 road accidents each year, National Road Safety Council executive director Frank Ao Aku said.
Many of the accidents were due to poor driving attitudes, he said in Lae last Thursday, where he is
collecting data on traffic accidents.
Aku said many drivers failed to understand road safety signs and vehicle signals.
“Other drivers learn and know only how to drive but could not read and understand the meanings of the signs and symbols,” he said, adding that the accidents were also caused by drink driving and speeding.
Another factor was that of defective vehicles and driving without a licence.
“There are also lots of unregistered vehicles.
“The latest inclusive driver error is that caused by using mobile phones while driving.”
Aku said the NRSC was now working on how to improve road safety operations by compiling road accidents recorded between 2007 and this year.
Driver behaviour and attitude was the focus of the road operations because most drivers were not properly trained and tested, certified and recommended to set procedures and processes.
“Drivers need to sit for some kind of examinations before being allowed to have licenses,” he said.
Aku said the focus was to amend the national road safety act to include driver education.
He said drivers would have to be certified by the road safety council after going through passing tests.