PNG going for used Japan cars

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PAPUA New Guinea remains a potential market for quality used Japanese cars and the number of units being sold is expected to increase in the near future.
Daisuke Imao, sales manager of the Japan-based ClickNBuyAutos, said his company exported an average of 20 cars a month to end-users in PNG and to date the total number of cars exported stands at 200.
Mr Imao told The National in an email that it is cheaper to buy directly from Japan, one reason why the number of enquiries is increasing.
“Many people are still unsure how to purchase using our service, but if they buy directly from Japan, they can save millions of dollars,” he said.
Mr Imao explained the vehicles were shipped directly to the end users and so the commissions that go to the middlemen was covered.
“Customer does not have to pay all middle service fees as our service covers all these fees … that is why our price is competitive,” he said.
The estimated price is also given in kina so the customer knows how much they are spending for direct import from Japan.
Mr Imao said the Port Moresby office was not a dealer but a customer service unit that helped customers with the internet online buying.
 “This is the best way to get quality vehicle at special prices.”