PNG has become a joke

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

MORE than half of the previous 109 members of parliament are gone.
They included many high profile names.
One of them is Pastor Isaac Joseph who can now return to his old job of saving some lost souls.
Dr Bob Danaya can now concentrate on dealing with the TB problem in Western province while outspoken Morobe governor Luther Wenge has been replaced by another lawyer in Kelly Naru.
The political marriage of the O’Neill-Namah regime is dead and buried.
Both of them think that they are the only people who can save PNG.
One wonders why our previous leaders could not do the job they were entrusted with.
Just three weeks ago, Sir Michael Somare was talking about locking up O’Neill and Belden Namah in Bomana.
Late last month, Sir Michael and O’Neill appeared to have an early Valentine’s Day in July.
Will Kerenga Kua and Sir Michael accept that parliament is above judiciary and, therefore, the people’s verdict carries more weight than a verdict handed down by only three out of the five men from the Supreme Court bench?
If politics is “fluid” in some countries around the world, then politics in PNG is “gas” as it is impossible to predict because it goes wherever the wind blows.
Will the new coalition government find another job for Sam Koim or are they going to let him look at how Namah went from just an army officer to someone who was able to spend K30 million in an election?
We should have a parliament with 700 seats to represent every language group with the MPs’ salaries based on their professional qualification and not for their role.

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