PNG has good laws but are not being enforced

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 9, 2011

Without the office of Ombudsman Commission, I don’t know where PNG would be now.
We can make fabulous laws and policies but cannot implement them.
All kinds of plans drawn up are gathering dusts.
Parliamentary account committees’ recommenda­tions are not being implemented or investigated and people implicated in corrupt practices are free.
Many enquiries were conducted but their findings and recommendations were not implemen­ted.
This is the major challenge that faces us all. 
We might not come close to achieving our Vi­sion 2050 if we cannot even implement policies. 
We are yet to achieve any of the millennium deve­lopment goals. 
A proposal to resubmit the Maladina Bill in parliament to abolish the OC is a clear testimony that our leaders do not understand the function and wisdom of the check-and-balance system created in the first place by our forefathers.
Their reasons to abolish the office are shallow and trivial compared to the responsibilities of the OC.
However, we can approach the issue of non-performance at a different angle.
The OC system is flawless and our implementers need to execute their responsibilities without fear or favour.
If memory serves me right, the chief ombudsman was shot at.
Police have yet to solve this attempted murder case.
My opinion is to leave the OC alone.
All it needs is a resuscitation of a new life.
Double its annual budget and this will be one of the first steps to end all our woes.


Dr Ralph R. Mana